Lower Johnston Canyon Falls Banff Parks Canada

lower johnston canyon falls banff parks canada

One hike we did between Banff and Lake Louise is Lower Johnston Canyon Falls, Banff Parks Canada. This is an easy hike along the river in Johnston Canyon.  The best part about this hike is that it is full of catwalks hugging the canyon walls.

catwalks johnston canyon banff parks canada

catwalk along johnston canyon falls hike banff parks canada

When you arrive at the Lower Johnston Canyon Falls you can cross a bridge, and go inside a little cave tunnel to get an up close view of the falls.

lower johnston canyon falls banff parks canada

cave johnston canyon falls banff parks canadad

inside cave lower johnston canyon falls banff parks canada

This was such a pleasant hike.  Next time I am in Banff I want to continue onto the upper Johnston Canyon Falls since they are much taller.  Johnston Canyon has 12 falls throughout but only 2 are large-ish.


We Made It To Banff

made it to banff canada

We crossed the border into Canada and made it to Banff. Sadly, making it to Banff also included one tragic loss.  A bird flew directly into our windshield.  Bade and I were both stunned. Don’t they always get out of the way last minute? Apparently not.  This one hit our windshield, and remained on our hood for around 160 kilometers (we’re in Canada now). Despite the bird mishap, we made it to Banff; the most beautiful place Bade or I have ever been.

bird flew into windshield

We had some time that first afternoon to take in the sites, so we checked out Bow River Falls.  Really pretty falls just below the castle (hotel) in Banff.

bow river falls banff canada

The next evening we stopped in for a dip at Banff Upper Hot Springs. It was a long day of driving and sightseeing (more on that tomorrow) so it was really nice to be in some hot water and relax.  However, visiting Banff again I probably wouldn’t do these hot springs.  It is a single pool and it was PACKED with people.  For us, it was standing room only for most the time we were there.  It felt awkward at times with people sitting around the edges just watching those of us stuck in the middle.  Good thing little ice-breaker Seth was there to ease the discomfort. Everyone liked how smiley and giggly he was, especially when we would toss him into the air above the pool.

banff upper hot springs