Family Reunion Dirt Bike Style

Dirt Bike Riding Near Sawtooth Mountains Idaho

This family reunion dirt bike style wasn’t really a family reunion, but with how many people and bikes were there, it sure felt like it.  I think we counted 20.75 riders on one of the days.

We rode near the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.  It is a favorite location for the Brewer family with hard rides, easy rides, a lake (well, a reservoir, as my 10 year old brother would correct me) a river to float and fish, as well as hot springs, and sans crowds.  You can’t ask for much more.

hammock time on dirt bike trip near sawtooth mountains

As you can see, this weekend was complete with dragon outfits and double-decker hammocks full of children. You wouldn’t believe it, but no injuries or tears came as a result of the stacked hammock.

Land Of Twin Falls and Many Other Falls

Twin Falls is a city with more than just two falls like the name might suggest. In fact, there are two mini Niagara Falls in the area, as well as many other waterfalls. A must see in the area is Shoshone Falls. We saw Shoshone Falls 2 years ago when the water was really low (they have been diverting the water for construction). The construction is nearly done so the falls are almost at full strength now.

Niagara Falls State Park Idaho

So instead of seeing Shoshone Falls again, this time we headed for Niagara Springs State Park. One of the highlights in Niagara Springs, in addition to the crystal clear spring water is where the springs come out; directly out of the side of the canyon wall. These massive waterfalls come straight out of rock! It was really impressive to see.

Springs at Niagara Springs State Park Idaho

Malad Gorge State Park, Idaho

On our way from Twin Falls to Boise, we stopped in at Malad Gorge State Park. This park highlights a few more waterfalls that cascade directly from the rock in the canyon gorge, but my favorite part of this park was the old footbridge that goes across the gorge. It is creepy how high up the canyon is. Don’t just see the footbridge and leave (it is near the entrance of the park). If you do that, you wouldn’t notice that the footbridge is immediately over a big waterfall.

Malad Gorge State Park Bridge